Firewind [ 'fʌɪəwɪnd ] :

noun – 1. a boutique-minded Barcelona-based production company offering global project management, consulting, and production services for print and film. Talent rep for directors, photographers, and creatives with a strong visual universe and artistic personality.


We provide the right director to suit your needs, whether a TV campaign, brand communication, online content, action sports film, documentary, or music video, from huge productions to small-scale commando ops.


From fashion to automotive, from surf legends to rock’n’roll stars, from enigmatic beauties to yummy product shots, from intimate portrait to skateboard frenzy, we have your photography needs covered.

Creative Services

If your project requires that little bit of extra artistic spark, we can set up an adaptable creative unit of seasoned professionals, from copywriters to art directors and designers, specifically dedicated to your production.


Right from the start in our production design, we select the most adequate and high-end technical partners for post needs: editing, animation, visual FX, 3D, music search, composition or licensing, and sound design.