Christian Métrailler

Senior International Production Consultant_

With 30+ years of international experience in advertising production, I advise and support you

throughout the whole production process so you can obtain the best result at the best price.

Trust me. Brands like Reckitt, Colgate Palmolive, Carlsberg Group, Heineken, Asahi, Telenet, Mondelez,

Nomad, successfully have.

What I Do, and How I Can Help You

Advertising Production Consulting

Pre-Production Analysis and Provider Choice

Optimization of Budget and Logistics

Cost Avoidance and Hard Savings

Analysis of Project Process and Results

Detailed Financial Report and Added Value

What clients say

“Christian, it was the first time for me having the pleasure to work together and I just wanted to take the time to personally thank you for your support and out of the box thinking that has been very helpful for our decision making.” Giulia Cuccolini, Category Manager, Reckitt Italy

“Christian, many thanks for your expert eye and POV!” Viera Ternová, Regional Category Specialist – Marketing Communication, Asahi

“Christian, Glad to have you on-board with this one too.” Clare Martin, Marketing and Operations Director, Nomad Foods

“Thanks Christian for the help and guidance! Looking forward to the upcoming projects together ?”. Jonathan Ryan, Oreo Equity Manager – MEU Mondelez

“Thank you so muchhhhh ! Really want to take into account your comments so we can be better next time ?” Hayley Gilles-Waters, MEU Innovation Manager- Bake Rolls, Mondelez

“Christian, want to thank you for the great support and drive.” Francesco Luise, Brand Manager, Reckitt Italy

About Me

Background and expertise

Raised in Switzerland, having worked over the years in the USA, France and Spain, I have gone through just about every step of the production chain, from the early days as production assistant, production coordinator, location scout, to cameraman, editor, director, and finally agency producer and Head of TV.

A fan of animation, cinema and visual SFX since the age of 11 (the premiere of Star Wars…), I also worked as post-production manager for close to 13 years on major accounts.

I have always approached my productions with passion.

The passion, for all that I consider the essential role of a producer. Starting with a blank piece of paper, a few ideas, the basic facts and needs from a client, timing, budget, and building and designing the project from scratch, taking all the parameters into consideration, scouting for the right talent and specialists, selecting the best production and post procedures, creating flawless mutual communication between all the actors in the play. After all, the producer is the central gear in the clockwork, the master mechanic of the production machine.

The passion, for always trying to improve production processes. After being Head of TV at a dynamic international agency for years, I know that hiring outstanding individual talent alone is not enough to guarantee success. What really makes the difference is having a global approach of the project from first steps of conception to master delivery, applying a central and expert supervision to every step of the chain, building a team of superior professional and human value, where everyone will be inclined to give their best.

The experience of producing ambitious films around the globe, in the icy mountains, in the desert, at sea, in the jungle, with all the inherent challenges that never fail to present themselves, has led me to my present role as production consultant, where I put my deep understanding of production ground work, post-production, agency and client culture, at the service of brands, for them to optimize their spend and get the best creative output at the best possible price.

I am part of the global MCA (MurphyCobb Associates) network.

+33 760 51 75 86