Guerlain Shalimar Prestige Film

Directed, edited and post-produced by myself.
This is a film I shot some 12 years ago in Morocco, for Shalimar by Guerlain. 2 days before the film crew was leaving to shoot the actual commercial, I was commissioned by the client to tag along and shoot what originally was intended to be a classic making of… The budget was microscopic, but once on the spot, I thought the subject matter deserved a bit of care, and tried to follow a route that was a bit more artistic, though completely improvised. When the client saw the end result… they decided to pay me a hefty additional sum (!!), and they used this as an in-store prestige film throughout their US market.
It was a one-man commando operation (camera, edit and post), shot over 3 days with a Sony PD150, edited, graded and entirely post-produced in 48 hours on FCP (dual 500MHz G4 Mac!).